Join the hundreds of success stories. 250+ Companies, 100M+ Raised.

2-Hour Presentation Format

Companies are given a platform for 2 hours to thoroughly present their company, demo their products/services, and engage in Q&A.

Curated Investors

Our associates personally qualify each investor and ensure that the room is filled with the absolute best.  

Top-Tier Companies

Our acceptance rate is only 16%, working with the best companies allows us to attract the best investors.

"It typically only takes 2 or 3 right people to make all the difference, and we immediately got 5 solid connections that eventually lead to something. In addition to capital raised (immediately providing great ROI), the compounding effect from further introductions has opened up so many doors for us and accelerated our network-building and fundraising efforts."

- John Dempsey | CEO, Blok Party Inc.
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