What We Do


Start-Up Luncheon Series

1)  We’re introduced to you (a promising company) that is looking for investor relations support and to raise capital but don’t want to work with expensive traditional IR firms that do not specialize in early-stage companies.

2)  The due diligence process begins (2-3 days). Our partners and associates thoroughly evaluate your company and whether we can help you.  Only 1/6 companies make it through our evaluation process. We love companies that are early stage but are past the idea phase; you’ve proven that you can build something.

3)  Mutual NDAs are signed to protect our clients. Our clients prefer that we act as a silent partner and not advertise our involvement in their success, we’ve accepted this as part of our business.

4)  The official invoice is sent for our “booking fee” that covers our costs (equipment rents, restaurant booking, curation, etc) and formalizes our relationship.

4)  Partnering restaurant is chosen based on availability and investor preference, company puts card on file that will be used for the cost of the lunch.

5)  Luncheon date is decided based on the company’s preference and availability of investors.

6) Investor curation process begins. Each of our associates personally reaches out to each investor to gauge qualifications, interest, and availability. We guarantee 20-25 investors. (Minimum of 15 days prior to presentation)

7) Conference call with the company to make suggestions on the presentation, executive summary, and offering based on our evaluation of the company and feedback from investors.

8) Luncheon presentation commences.

9) The final attendee list is sent to company so that you may follow up with investors and continue building the relationship.

10) Introductions are made to partnering angel syndicates and strategic partners based on need.

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